Greetings Entrepreneurs,

My name is Matt, co-founder of Raider Boost, and I started my own tutoring business from scratch two years ago. I realized that craigslist and third-party services are not enough. What is enough is getting on the top page of Google. Think about what people do to search for services in your area, they use Google. Think of when people ask their phone for something, it searches Google. What is on the top of every Android phone home page, a search bar for Google. Trust me, Google is the answer. Below is what we did for a client, take a look as we would be doing the same for you.

Clara is one of our clients. If searched Guitar Lessons in her area only, her ad comes up as number one.
She has received 11 contacts and kept 5 of them this month alone. Her projected income is currently $760 a month which already pays for ads and our service, and she now has repeat business going forward.

So how do you get on Google? You need a well-built website and you need to advertise. Keep in mind, it costs money to make money. You would be investing some money into ads and you will receive clients almost guaranteed. And I am talking about clients that need you right now. We can do all of this for you and we’re just asking for a flat-rate of $20 a month.

If you are skeptical, we are willing to give you an offer of putting money down just for your first two weeks of ads. This would mean we will create you a website and setup your Google profile, and the money would go strictly towards your ads. We would receive no income and would be doing you a completely free service. This could be a very fast process and you could even get your first client contact literally the next day. After the 2 weeks, we’re confident you will want to stay because of your success rate, and then we will collect our fees.

Keep in mind. You would be doing the same thing I did for myself to become so successful. I was able to change my rate overnight and everyone that called me from then on was completely fine with the new rate! It’s very powerful stuff for $20 a month. Your first client alone would easily pay for our service. A couple more clients would easily pay for your advertising, and the rest is gravy. You would be completely ahead of the game earning more money and continuing to get more clients via Google. More clients means more talk, more talk means more clients in the future! Even think about the benefits of building a base of repeat customers!

In summary, we know the industry and the technology. What sets us apart from other companies is we offer you an entire package to setting up your business for the most competitive rate possible. Whether you are a personal trainer, a coach, a tutor, a music instructor, or even a babysitter, we are here for you. We will teach you everything we know and could get you up in running in no time.

If you are interested please give me a call or text at (954) 415-4641 🙂

About Us

We are the Raider brothers, Matt Raider (Left) and Wesley Raider (Right). We were born and raised in Coconut Creek, FL and have lived in the surrounding area nearly all our lives. Between Matt’s personal business experience and Wesley’s amazing web design and technical skills, we are the perfect package to help boost traffic to your business with our company Raider Boost.

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